About us

Agrobiotest d.o.o. was founded in 2013 in the city of Koprivnica (Northwest Croatia). Main activity of this company is experimental work in agriculture, mostly field trials for plant protection products. With the development of the company, activity was spreading to experimental work on agricultural seeds and consultant support for agricultural producers.

As of 2014 the company is certified by Croatian Ministry of Agriculture with GEP certificate. Agrobiotest d.o.o. conducts field trials in reguatory zone Suth in 2 EPPO zones; EPPO zone South East and Mediterranean EPPO zone. Agrobitest d.o.o. has 7 full time employed experts.

Beside this, for the special needs Agrobiotest d.o.o. has broad external collaboration with the experts for specific areas. Most of the trials are done on rented farmers land, therefore Agrobiotest d.o.o. has developed strong collaboration with agricultural producers throughout the country. From this collaboration came out our consultant activity for agricultural producers. This is the key for the right selection of optimum trial sites.

What we do:

  • Experimental work with plant protection products and fertilizers
  • Writing of Biological assessment dossiers
  • Experimental work with varieties/hybrids of agricultural crops
  • Projects of monitoring of pests, plant diseases and weeds
  • Technical support and consulting for agricultural producers

Who are our partners:

  • Producers and distributors of plant protection products
  • Broad range of companies who want to collect the knowledge on broad spectrum PP products (chemicals, semiochemicals and biologicals) for the different purposes; profiling, registration, marketing needs
  • Producers or distributors of seeds in agriculture – profiling of varieties and hybrids registered on European seed list
  • Agricultural producers – consultant and expert support including monitoring and diagnostic support for pests and diseases, decision support for plant protection, equipment adjustment and calibration


Hrvoje Sambolek, dipl. ing. agr.

Managing Director

Damir Ivačić, dipl. ing. agr.

Technical Director

Boris Arko, dipl. ing. agr.

Field Trialist

Miran Babić, dipl. ing. agr.

Field Trialist

Slavko Radiković, ing. agr.

Field Trialist

Irena Kipke Krajačić, mag. ing. agr.

Data Manager

Luka Čotić, mag. ing. agr.

Field Technician

Where to find us


Ulica Matije Gupca 44A
Koprivnički Bregi
48000 Koprivnica


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